We can help you with much more than just self-assessment returns and minimising your tax bill. Find out more below.
Many people need to do self-assessment tax returns. This includes:
  • Private individuals
  • Sole traders
  • Partners in a limited liability partnership
  • Some Directors of Limited Companies

We work with all these people to ensure that their return is done on time and that they pay the legal minimum in tax.

It is our understanding of you, your business and your industry which allows us to offer you maximum value.

We know that it is not easy moving from being employed to self-employed, setting up a sole trader business or entering a business partnership.

The colleagues you leave behind do not understand the risks you are taking when you start out on your own.  They think it’s all about having holidays when you want, working shorter days and, in general, making it easy.

They don’t appreciate the pressures of managing the various aspects of a business including finding customers or clients, servicing them well, and getting paid on time.  They tend to focus on your day rate or profit- not realizing that you must do a lot of unpaid work (e.g. marketing, managing financial and legal obligations, etc.) to keep your business going with the help of apex associates accounting services.

We can help take the financial and regulatory pressure off you so that you can focus on growing your business and finding and servicing your clients and customers.


Apex Associates can help you with

Proactive Accounting
your accounts can help you to grow your business and minimise your tax. We can show you how to minimise the amount of work involved in while maximising the benefits from proactive accounting.
Managing Your Tax
we can help you plan for tax and reduce your tax bill. You are entitled to pay the legal minimum in tax and we will help you do so.
Raising Finance
Do you need help with raising finance whether this is to buy new equipment or support, invest in a property or cover bills and your own pay? We can help.
Reaching Your Goals
We understand that every client is different and have different goals they want to achieve. We can help you in reaching your own goals.

A key question we will help you to resolve early on is: are you employed or self-employed?  If you only have one client at a time for an extended period then you are probably employed even if you have set up your own company and invoice them.  If you have multiple clients on an on-going basis, then you are probably self-employed or a company director.

There are numerous factors to consider and we can advise you on your position and whether you are best suited being self-employed, setting up a partnership or becoming a company.