Digital Accounting

Digital accounting is a revelation for business owners, company directors and individuals who need to keep accounts.

Digital business accounting services systems allow you to easily produce invoices and capture receipts and bills through your Smartphone. You can set them up so they monitor your bank account and your Key Performance Indicators.

Digital accounting gives you many benefits including:

  • Real-time overview of your current financial position– no more out of date information.
  • Multi-user access makes it easy to collaborate online with us
  • Everything is managed and stored online
  • Gives you back control of your finances and helps you with your decision making
  • It is quick and easy- forget carrier bags full of receipts or spending your Sundays doing book entries.  Digital accounting gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family.
We can help you realise the benefits of digital accounting by setting your business up on FreeAgent- voted the UK’s number 1 accounting software for small businesses in 2017.
FreeAgent allows you to:
  • Produce send and track professional estimates and invoices
  • Take photos of your receipts with your phone and upload them- never worry about losing a receipt again or the need to store them for seven years
  • Track your time- many of our professional service clients work on a time-charged basis and Free Agent allows you to track your time
  • Connect FreeAgent to your bank account- so that you can automatically import transactions
  • Stay on top of your tax returns including your corporation tax, VAT and self-assessment
  • Run your business effectively with a dashboard that shows you your cash flow at a glance and when your tax bills are due
  • Monitor your income, expenses and profitability in real time

FreeAgent returns control of your finances to you.

We will set you up on the system, configure it to your needs and show you how to use it effectively. If you would like to start benefitting from digital accounting today then get in touch.