We will help you go beyond

You will find that we offer you much more than your accounts completed and tax has done correctly on time. We will help you to achieve your goals with our accounting services, such as growing your business, increasing profits, having more time to spend with the family, etc., using our specialist knowledge and network of local business contacts. Our clients are typically successful self-employed individuals, sole traders, business partners, and small company directors based in East London.

We specialise in working with three sectors:

Professional Service Providers

such as IT and business consultants, marketing agencies, website designers etc. We understand this sector and can help you whether you are self-employed, acting as a sole trader or have a small company.

Local retailers

Such as corner shops, cash and carry, clothing distributors etc. We work with a range of these companies in East London and can help you.

Healthcare Specialists

Such as dentists, GPs, chiropractors etc. Healthcare specialists have their own accounting challenges and we bring our expertise to bear in this sector.

Our Dedicated Team

We have a dedicated team that looks after each of these three sectors and helps them with the unique challenges they face. It is our in-depth understanding of your industry combined with developing a close working relationship with you which gives you the best results possible.

Be free from the stress

and concern surrounding business finance such as suddenly running out of money, receiving an unexpected tax bill or staying on top of ever-changing regulations

Take back control of their finances

Do you want more control of your money such as knowing how much money you have in the bank and being able to see what is outstanding and what is due for payment through a useful app?

Be more profitable

and concern surrounding business finance such as suddenly running out of money, receiving an unexpected tax bill or staying on top of ever-changing regulations

Spend more time with their family

You have built a successful business but is your work-life balance right for you? Most successful entrepreneurs and business owner struggle to find the right balance. We can help.

You are probably thinking that it's not possible for an accountant to help you with all this.

Surely, you do the same things as my current accountant? It is all about paying less tax and getting the accounts done on time, isn’t it? While accounts filed on time and minimised tax bills are important, there is much more that we can do to make your business more profitable

Read Our Guide

Find out how we can help and how your current accountant may be unintentionally holding your business back in our free e-guide.

Best Advice through understanding

Apex Associates make the above things happen by developing a close working relationship with you and gaining an understanding of your business so that we can give you the straightforward advice you need rather than a series of options. Every business is different and every business owner has different aspirations. You need to have a professional on your side who understands

It is only through appreciating these three things

that you can get the advice you need to reach your goals. You will find things are free from hassle and concern when you choose Apex Associates.

Solutions for Individuals
You are in safe hand with Apex Associates- whether this is doing your self-assessment return, dealing with IR-35, staying on top of your accounts or growing your sole trader business.
Solutions for Companies
You will discover support with everything from starting a company and raising finance, through strategic planning and benchmarking to managing your payroll, accounts and tax.
Digital Accounting
Digital Accounting helps you free up more of your time and puts you back in control of your finances so that you can focus more on growing your business or spending more time with the family.

Why Apex Associates?

Apex Associates offers you and your business more than just a set of accounts, minimized tax bills, VAT returns, and completed payroll. We work with you proactively to ensure that you achieve your goals. We will help you to look ahead and effectively manage your business as well as plan for tax and VAT.

We are passionate about helping individuals, sole traders, business owners, and company directors in East London. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals with great business accounting services by:

  • Giving you back control over your finances
  • Lowering your tax bills
  • Offering sound advice based on years of experience rather than giving you a bewildering array of options
  • Freeing up the time you spend doing your books by making everything digital- we work hard so you can achieve the work-life balance that you want
  • Working with you on your business plans and strategies to rapidly grow your business

We do this by having a superior understanding of your industry and the East London business community. We are a boutique accounting practice which is big enough to deliver what you need and small enough to care.

You will be assigned a client manager for life so that we can properly understand your business and goals and help you to achieve them. We are not the type of accountants who you just leave a plastic bag full of receipts with and then never hear from again apart from their invoice. We are here to help you achieve your goals.

We offer superior value as Apex Associates are very efficient at managing your accounts and filing your tax returns. This frees up time so that we can understand you and your business better and offer the advice and make the connections you need.

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