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New Cash Loans for Businesses

Bounce Back Fast-Track Loans

Since widespread of Coronavirus Pandemic businesses in the United Kingdom have seen lockdown.  Premises are closed and businesses are losing. Customers can’t shop and businesses are running into cash shortages. Keeping businesses afloat and going concerned, businesses desperately need a cash injection. Don’t worry Apex Associates LLP is here to help the people in their businesses and provide them small business accounting services.

The government has taken an initiative to support businesses. Now the businesses suffering from cash crunch because of Coronavirus Pandemic may now apply for cash loans. Loans will be interest-free for the first 12 months. The government-backed guarantee will be available to the lenders to cover 100% loans. Businesses securing funding will be able to start paying after 12 months period.











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Salient features of the Bounce Back Fast-Track Loans include:

  • Loans from £2,000
  • Loans up to £50,000
  • Interest-free
  • No repayment during the first 12 months
  • The guarantee provided by the Government
  • Fee and interest for the first 12 months to be paid by Government

The Loans come with further details and Apex Associates LLP is available to help its clients and other businesses to contact about the Loan and also apply.

To apply for the loans, Apex Associates LLP will help in more ways than one, like preparing Business Plans, Financials Projections, and completing the applications.

For any information and assistance, contact us now & get the Affordable Low Cost Accountants to help from Apex Associates LLP.

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