Getting the Right Bank Account

Your choice of bank and best bank accounts does have an impact on your business.  If you are self-employed, a sole trader or a landlord, you should have a separate best bank accounts for your business.  All your invoices should be paid into this account and business expenses come out of it.  This is much easier to manage than using your personal account where you will need to painstakingly separate your business and personal spend.  

But which bank is the best for you?  We have strong relationships with local bank managers and can introduce you and assist you with opening the best bank accounts for your business.  It is our solid connections in the local business community which will help you achieve your goals.

A good relationship with your bank can help you reduce your banking fees, raise finance when needed and even assist you with business support.  Many banks are now actively working with their customers to help them grow their business.

Some business owners feel that they need to be protected from banks.  We have seen various cases where:

  • Overdrafts have been suddenly removed and sole traders have been left with large fees for being over their new lower overdraft limit
  • Much needed and agreed finance has been unexpectedly withdrawn
  • High fees have suddenly been applied for no reason
  • You just can’t get to speak to a manager and must talk to the call centre in another country

These things and the effects of the banking crises from 2008 mean that many people don’t trust their bank and, in many cases, are reluctant to speak to their bank manager. But don’t worry we are here to assist you and choose the best bank accounts for you and also make it best savings account for you and your business.

We can connect you with a local bank manager who wants to ensure that your business is a success.  It is our local connections with banks and businesses which will help give you the edge in the East London business community.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business further