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Duty & VAT Free Imports

Medical Supplies, Equipment & Protective Garments

The goods which are to be imported, need to meet the following conditions:

  1. Goods imported for coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak:
    1. Protective Equipment
    2. Equipment
    3. Other Relevant Medical Device
  2. Imported for Free Circulation
  3. Intended for distribution free of charge
  4. For distribution among those:
    1. affected by Covid-19
    2. at risk from Covid-19
    3. involved in combating Covid-19
  5. Goods have to remain property of the organization using them

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 Claim Relief Now

 Goods imported as Freight

  1. Contact NIRU for authorization
  2. NIRU will issue you with a unique certificate
  3. Complete an Import Declaration in CHIEF
  4. Enter:
    1. box 37 the customs procedure code 40 00 C26
    2. box 44, declaration/notes, enter article codes 9AID / 9AIV & status codes JP or UP as appropriate
    3. box 44 enter the NIRU certificate number as a GEN 13 Additional Information statement

           Goods that have already been imported

  1. Who is eligible to reclaim payment of import duties?

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Goods imported on or after 30 January 2020 but did not claim relief

  1. Email to NIRU at [email protected] for an application form.
  2. Submit the claim to the National Duty Repayment Centre (NDRC)
  3. Provide the following:
    1. a copy of your duty & VAT relief certificate
    2. a copy of your order or other supportive documents showing your eligibility for this relief
  4. VAT registered users must do via a claim to the NDRC rather than adjusting VAT return.

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