Managing Payroll

You have enough to worry about finding and looking after your customers and clients as well as managing your staff.

Why not let us take the strain and manage your payroll and the various factors surrounding it so that you can get on with running your own business?

We can help you with:

  • Doing Your Payroll – From payslips through PAYE returns to managing maternity pay
  • Employee Remuneration packages – Ensure that your employees get higher net salaries and you have the most tax efficient structure for your own remuneration
  • Employed or self-employed? – You may have self-employed workers but would the taxman consider them employed?  Find out why it is vital that you know.
  • PAYE health check – We can uncover PAYE issues for you before the taxman does.

Doing Your Payroll

Payroll and PAYE (Pay as You Earn) returns are complicated, time consuming and a burden for every employer.  They must be completed on time and you are responsible for any mistakes.  Why not let us take the stress and strain off you by using our custom-tailored service.  You can pick and choose from the below options:

  • Employee payslips
  • Monthly summaries
  • Departmental reports
  • Dealing with leavers and starters
  • Provision of analysis of staff costs
  • Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE returns for the Revenue
  • Assistance with automated payment set-up to your employees
  • CIS returns completed by us
  • Employee summary P60’s
  • P11D and P9D benefit and expenses returns

With our support, you will never have to worry about calculating statutory sick pay or maternity pay and dealing with student loan deductions ever again.

Employee Remuneration Packages

It is vital that you offer good remuneration packages to attract and retain the best employees.  You will want to ensure that the taxman contributes as much as possible to their salary so they keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible.  You also need the most tax efficient structure for your own payments.

We can offer you advice on employment tax issues and benefits planning so that everyone gets the best deal. This includes looking at:

  • Pension contributions
  • Cash bonuses
  • Termination payments
  • Inducement payments
  • Life assurance
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Critical illness cover
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Health club membership
  • Company cars and vans
  • Expenses dispensations

If you want to ensure that you and your staff get the best deal, then get in touch with us.


Employed or Self-Employed?

If someone is working for you on a regular basis, they do not have other clients and you dictate the hours they work, then the chances are they are employed by you.  This is not a clear-cut area and you need to take advice when offering people self-employed contracts as it can be very costly if you get it wrong.

  • Employees and employer’s national insurance payments- including interest and penalties
  • Holiday pay
  • Maternity pay
  • Sickness pay

If it is later determined that they are employed by you, then you will need to pay any relevant:

These can be costly and it is highly unlikely that you will be able to recover back tax from your employees. We can review your existing arrangements and give you our opinion on whether it will stand up to attack from the taxman and what steps you should take to minimise the risks.

If you are challenged, it is important to remember that the taxman is not always right in his determination.  He does not have the final say on whether somebody is legally employed or self-employed.  This is decided by the law and there is plenty of case law around this area. If you are challenged, we can argue your case and take it before the Tax Commissioners for you.

PAYE Health Check

Our PAYE health check service will uncover any PAYE issues before the taxman does.  Rather than have the worry of a tax inspection, which may result in an unexpected tax bill including interest and penalties, let us give your PAY the once over.  We will:

  • Review and sample check your payroll records for errors
  • Check for the most common errors that the PAYE inspectors look for
  • Statistically analyse your completed PAYE returns
  • Sample check the completion of PAYE returns
  • Compare your PAYE returns against your annual accounts
  • Sample check leavers and starters to make sure they are correctly dealt with
  • Review statutory maternity pay, statutory sick pay, student loan deductions and working tax credits
  • Identify any workers where status issues may be a concern
  • Check completion of end of year returns
  • Review benefit in kind and expenses disclosures and calculations
  • Check expenses dispensations
  • Identify any PAYE planning opportunities

You can rest assured that our team will uncover and deal with any issues before they become a problem