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Benefit From Child TAX Credit

Update in the Child Tax Credit that may affect you. Circumstances that each family faces attract different provisions under Child Tax Credit. It is essential that you talk to Apex Associates LLP to help secure the right Child Tax Credit for you and provide you personal tax accountant London services. We highlight a few special circumstances which may affect you too.

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A child you’re claiming Child Tax Credit for has a child

You can still claim Child Tax Credit for a grandchild where one of the children you are claiming Child Tax Credit has a child.

Adopted Children

Claim for an additional amount for adopted children even If you’re responsible for a child or children and claim Child Tax Credit for them.

Non-parental caring arrangements

You may apply for additional Child Tax Credit for child/children who are part of a non-parental caring arrangement.

A child born as a result of non-consensual conception

You can claim for this child if you get Child Tax Credit for 2 or more children and a further child, born on or after 6 April 2017

Disability Element

The disability element of Child Tax Credit will continue to be paid for all eligible children.

For a comprehensive assessment of your circumstances and entitlement for the child tax credit, contact Apex Associates LLP the best accountants in ilford will help you.

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