About Us

Apex Associates LLP is a boutique accounting practice which was founded in 1998.
Since then, we have provided a personalised service to hundreds of local companies, sole traders and self-employed individuals around the East London area.
We attribute our substantial yearly growth to our specialist expertise, hard work and professionalism.

You will find that by specialising, Apex Associates understands the challenges facing:

  • Pro-Service Providers
  • Retailers
  • Healthcare Specialists

Within our team, we have decades of experience and knowledge, not just in accounting but also in business growth.  We will show you what works in your industry and point out the pitfalls which await unwary business owners.

We do not advise on things outside of our area (e.g. marketing, sales, operations, etc), but we do know what actions will maximize your profitability and help your business grow.  It is these two things that set us apart from other accountants

Some accountants try to help their clients with everything including sales, marketing, legal advice, operational procedure, in-house training etc.  Accountants are not specialists in these areas and so these things usually go wrong.  RSM Tenon, the seventh largest accounting firm in the UK, moved into business advisory services and went into insolvency in August 2013.

Other accountants purely focus on accounts and tax.  They are all about compliance and tax.  This is quite probably because they do not understand how to grow a business and just want to focus on the figures.  This is better than offering a service they are not expert in but your accountant should be helping you to achieve your business goals- whether this is growth, more profit, less time at work and more with the family etc.


Apex Associates’ mission is to help self-employed individuals,
sole traders and small companies based in East London to achieve their goals through a combination of:

  • Reduced tax bills
  • Sound financial advice based on in-depth cash flow forecasts
  • Robust business plans
  • Strong financial controls
  • Access to finance as needed
  • Offering a superior service – we will treat you as an individual rather than a number

We will work to ensure that your business is a success while helping you to maintain your work-life balance.

Apex Associates philosophy is that your accountant should help you to achieve your business goals but not offer advice they are not qualified to give.

To discover how we can grow your business.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to become the preferred accountant for small healthcare, professional service providers and retailers based in East London.”

Our core values

Apex Associates focuses on four core values. These values guide our business, our decision-making process and how we care for you.

We enjoy working with others and many of our clients comment on how approachable and friendly we are. Apex Associates likes to create and maintain friendly relationships with our clients and our network of contacts. We make the most of every opportunity to work with you as a team to help you achieve your goals while leaving you enough free time for your family and hobbies. Your goals are our goals.
As professionals, we offer advice, not options. Our professional attitude is reflected in our high level of integrity and the results we deliver for you and your business. We will share (rather than hide) difficult news with you but will always offer you a solution.
Relationship with a human touch
We bring the human touch to all our relationships. We know that empathy, passion, innovation, a sense of humour and an emotional connection are all vital parts of any business relationship. It is difficult to trust someone you don’t have a relationship with and it is only through trust that we can both be open and honest about our needs and ask for the things we need and want.
Passionate about helping small businesses
We bring drive and energy to small businesses based in East London. We are enthusiastic about giving you the support you need to grow. Our passion allows us to overcome potential problems and find solutions rather than get bogged down as some accountants do.

Meet the team

Our team has grown from two to over 15 people, as our firm has expanded and developed over the years. We are based in Essex, UK.

Aftab Khan
Aftab Khan
Principal Partner
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Farrukh Islam
testimonial-team (Demo)
Sania Asif
testimonial-team (Demo)
Salman Nasir
testimonial-team (Demo)
Asif Niaz
Client Manager
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Tayyab Ali
Accounts Assistant
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Lubna Zafar
Payroll Manager

Connect with us

Apex Associates are THE accountancy firm for small healthcare, professional service providers and retailers based in East London.  Contact us about achieving your business goals.
Apex Chambers, 58a Ilford Lane, Ilford, Essex, IG1 2JY
You can send us email to this address: info@apexassociates.co.uk
Phone: 020 3327 6340
Fax: 020 8553 0041